Thursday, July 14, 2011

Konnichiwa from Sydney! シドニーからこんにちは!

★From Sydney

Name: Susie aka Karaoke Queen

Super power: the ability to sing karaoke sober and not be embarrassed


JPF Role: Program Coordinator, Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Department


About me: Hi everyone, my name is Susie and I work in the Japanese Studies department in the Sydney office. We often organise free lectures for the public about Japanese society and culture, our most recent lecture series was on anime and manga – yep you can get a PhD in comics!



I first went to Japan on a school trip when I was in high school, we did a homestay, attended Japanese high school and visited interesting places like Tokyo and Kyoto. After this trip I was hooked and I went on to study Japanese at uni and work as an English teacher in Japan after graduation. I still go to Japan for holidays every 2 or 3 years and I get very excited planning all of the yummy food I’m going to eat when I get there!


Luckily for us in the Sydney office, we often get visitors from Japan who bring us omiyage (souvenirs), the most popular item by far are sembei (rice crackers) – they don’t last very long so you have to be quick to get your share!


Here’s a photo of our omiyage counter looking very lonely and waiting for some more sembei:



We have some exciting new events planned for the rest of the year so I’m looking forward to bringing you lots of news from both JPF and Australia. Yoroshiku!


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