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Hello everyone, this is Nha from Hanoi. Yes, Mio-san, time passes so fast. I cannot imagine that it was one month ago when I was enjoying my Tet holidays (Vietnamese new year holidays) at my home town in Hue. Fuki-san, as you might know, we celebrate a new year with lunar calendar, not with the Western calendar. This year the first day of a new year fell on 3rd February. I enjoyed the re-union of my family members at my home town, and ate a lot of foods for a new year.

こんにちは、ハノイのNhaです!ほんとに時間が経つのは早いですよね、mioさん! 私の地元フエでテトのお休み(ベトナムの正月休み)を楽しんでいたのが、もう1カ月前のことだなんて信じられないわ。Fukiさん、ベトナムでは新年を西暦ではなく陰暦でお祝いするんですよ。 今年は新年の初日は2月3日で、家族と再会して、美味しいものをたくさん食べたわ!


This is Banh Chung, one of traditional cake for Vietnamese Tet Holiday

バンチャン -ベトナムのテトのお祝いに食される伝統的なケーキ

My new year begun with wonderful news from Japan. In the 2nd International Furoshiki Design Contest for Students, 5 Vietnamese students (4 designs) won the prizes, including the Grand Prize.

We then organized the awarding ceremony for the students at the yard of our center on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the Furoshiki Exhibition. The awarding ceremony received quite high attention from Vietnamese media and general public, and over 100 guests, including television crew and news reporters witnessed the ceremony, as well as the interviews with the prize winners.



Ms. Phan Khanh Trang, the Grand Prize winner

最優秀賞受賞者のPhan Khanh Trangさん


Ms. Tong Thi Ngoc, the Merit Prize winner

奨励賞受賞者のTong Thi Ngocさん


Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Loan, the Merit Prize winner

同じく、奨励賞受賞者のNguyen Thi Thu Loanさん


Mr. Pham Son Tung, the Honorable Mention winner

名誉賞受賞者のPham Son Tungさん


Mr. Takeji Yoshikawa, the Director of The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam (on the left) and the awardees.


Ms. Trang, the Grand Prize winner from Hue (same with my home town!), said “Thanks to the Japan Foundation for organizing this contest for students who love to experience in the art of design and Japanese culture. I have never thought that I would get the top prize. I will use the award money for the tuition of my Master course in Thailand.”

The awarded students shared the happiness of winnings, and exchanged their Furoshiki one by one, before going back to their own home towns. I think that this design contest not only connected the two cultures but also connected fine arts students from different cities. I hope this contest will be continuously held to encourage students to challenge themselves in an international scene.


Next is a report on a big event before the Tet holidays.

In the middle of January 2011, our center co-hosted the Japanese Animation Film Festival (JAFF) “Discover the Excitement of Japanese Animation” in Hanoi.

それから、テトのお休み前にあった大きなイベントをもう1つ紹介します。今年の1月半ば、私達ベトナム日本文化交流センターは、ハノイで行なわれた文化庁主催の日本アニメ映画際(JAFF)「”Discover the Excitement of Japanese Animation”(発見!日本アニメーションの魅力)」を共催で行ないました。

Japanese animation is quite popular in Vietnam as well. Such animations as Doraemon, Detective Conan and Pokemon are widely recognized and admired by a plethora of teenagers. However, this time our aim to organize the animation film festival was to introduce the diversity of Japanese feature animation films to Vietnam. So we were not sure how degree we would get attention from the public for such unknown films for Vietnamese.

However, we found that it was imaginary fear when we opened the ticket distribution booth at our center. Or even surprisingly, the reaction from the public was over our expectation. On the very first day, our center was packed with over 1,000 people who came to pick up the tickets for the animation film festival. Not only the legendary famous animation “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki, the tickets for all of the other 7 films as well as one mini live by a voice actress were distributed out within two days.
日本のアニメーションはベトナムでもかなり人気があります。ドラえもん、名探偵コナン、それからポケモンといったアニメは、10代の若者の間でとっても流行ってるんですよ。そこで今回のこの日本アニメ映画祭の目的は、日本のアニメ映画の多様性を広くベトナムに紹介することとしました。 ですので、あまり知られていない日本のアニメがベトナムの人々にどのくらい受け入れられるのか分かりませんでした。でも、その心配は当センターでチケット配布を開始した瞬間に、必要なかったことが分かりました。しかも驚いたのは、みんなの反応が期待以上で、チケットを求めて来た人は初日だけで1,000人を超えていたのです。かの有名な宮崎駿監督の『千と千尋の神隠し』はもちろん、その他の7作品*2と、声優さんのミニライブも含めて、たったの2日であっという間に配布終了しました。


Lines of audience waiting to get the tickets of JAFF



The staffs are managing to distribute the tickets


This means that the combination of the words, “Japan” and “Animation” itself has enough attractiveness to trigger the attention from the public. This is exactly what Joseph Nye called “Soft Power,” I thought.


On the opening screening day, all the 470 seats were full. A lot of audience came to see the “Colorful” directed by Keiichi Hara, including the vice director of Vietnam Cinema Commission, Mr. Huynh Vinh Son, an animator and one of the Cultural Leaders Invitation Program participants, Ms. Phuong Linh & Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, visual artists from Nha San Duc, to name the few. It turned out that Ms. Phuong Linh is a fan of Keiichi Hara. When the movie was finished, Ms. Phuong Linh, Ms. Linh Dung (one of the member of Dai Lam Linh group, a famous experimental music group in Vietnam) were bursting into tears. They said the movie was so moving and it was so talented for the director to send a valuable and lively message via an animation movie. It seems that this movie changed the mind of many Vietnamese audiences that animation movies are only for children but also for adults.

初日公開日は、全470席が満席でした。原恵一監督の『カラフル』を観に来ていたお客さんの中には、ベトナムシネマ委員会の副委員長、アニメ監督であり昨年度の文化人招へいプログラムで訪日したHuynh Vinh Sonさん、Nha San DucコンテンポラリーアートスタジオからアーティストのPhuong LinhさんとNguyen Manh Hungさんもいらっしゃっていました。Phuong Linhさんは原監督のファンだったのですね。映画が終わったとき、Phuong LinhさんとLinh Dung (Dai Lam Linhというベトナムで有名な実験音楽グループのメンバーのひとり)は涙が止まらないほど感動した、アニメ映画を通じて価値ある活き活きとしたメッセージを発したこの監督の力量に感じ入ったとお話されました。この作品がベトナムの人々が持っている「アニメは子どものためのもの」という一般的な考えを「大人のためでもある」という考えに変えたかもしれません。



Atmosphere in the opening day of JAFF





Banners of JAFF outside the National Cinema Center


From the questionnaires, I found that “Spirited Away” by Hayao Miyazaki & “Summer Wars” by Mamoru Hosoda received the highest scores in satisfaction and comments, while I myself became a big fan of “Mai Mai Miracle” by Sunao Katabuchi. Coincidently Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, a performance artist who participated in JENESYS creator program, also told me that “Mai Mai Miracle” was most impressive for him and it reminded him of his childhood memory.

来場者アンケートからは、宮崎駿監督の『千と千尋の神隠し』と細田守監督の『サマーウォーズ』が最も高評価だったようですが、私個人的には、片淵須直監督の『マイマイ新子と千年の魔法』がとっても好きでした。ちょうど、Nguyen Anh Tuanさん(JENESYSクリエイタープログラムにも参加した現代美術アーティスト)も同じように、その映画が最も印象的で小さい頃の記憶を思い出されたとお話してくれました。


Talking with Director Sunao Katabuchi after the screening of "Mai Mai Miracle"



Director Sunao Katabuchi surrounded by the audience for signing


In total, the JAFF welcomed 3075 audiences with 16 screenings and one mini talk and live shows of the voice actress Mitsuki Saiga.


The talk and mini live show by Mitsuki Saiga is also worthy to mention here, as it was the first attempt to introduce a voice actress to Vietnam.

Mitsuki Saiga, the Japanese voice actress holding the Overseas Fan’s Choice Awards at the Seiyu (voice actor/actress) Awards 2010, came to Vietnam to talk about her career as a voice actress, and sang her songs as Mitsuki Saiga feat. JUST with the guitarist Kazuya Nishikawa. Though this program was held only in Hanoi, there were Vietnamese fans from the other cities including Ho Chi Minh City. They came to Hanoi just to meet with Saiga, joining in Saiga-san’s talk show and expressed their admiration on Saiga-san’s voice. They said they were very excited to meet Saiga-san in person and hoped those kind of activities would be organized in Ho Chi Minh City in the future.

斎賀みつきさんは、声優アワード2010で海外ファン賞を受賞した日本人の声優さんですが、ベトナムに来て、ご自身について語っただけでなく、斎賀みつき feat.JUST でギタリストの西川和也さんと共に歌を披露されました。今回の会場はハノイでしたが、ホーチミンやその他の都市からも多くの観客が斎賀さんの姿を見、声を聞きにやって来ていて、こういった催しのホーチミンでの開催も望んでいるようでした。


Saiga-san is singing "Just go ahead"

“Just Go Ahead”を歌う斎賀さん



Her fans


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