Wednesday, August 28, 2013

国際交流基金パパラッチ!/The Japan Foundation Paparazzi !



Hello, everyone!
We, Fukuchi from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and Yoshida from Waseda University, have been doing an internship work here at the Japan Foundation since August 19th.
We've got a chance to write this blog this time,
so we'd like to introduce some interesting points of the Japan Foundation.
Here we go!!

F: Yさん、今日でインターンも6日目ですが、何か気になった事はありますか?
Y: そうですね…ひとつ思ったのですが、国際交流基金の先輩方って皆さんお洒落ですよね?
F: そうそう!想像していたいわゆる会社員スタイルとは違ってカジュアルで、皆さん個性が出ていますよね。例えばこちらは文化事業部欧州・中東・アフリカチームのKさん。ポップな感じで可愛らしいです!

F: Is there anything you have thought or noticed during your internship work so far?
Y: Let me see…I realized the workers at the Japan Foundation are smartly dressed, aren't they?
F: I agree! They are so different from what we've imagined to be a typical office worker. This is Ms.K from Arts and Culture Dept., Europe, Middle East and African Section.
Colorful and lovely! 

Y: こちらは情報センター(JFIC)のRさん。ゴージャスで大人の魅力が素敵です・・・
 Y: And this is Ms.R from Japan Foundation Information Center. Gorgeous and chic…

F: いい意味で期待を裏切られましたね!
 F: We were betrayed in a good sense!

F: ところでYさん、オフィスの中にお菓子があるのは知っていましたか?
Y: えっ!何を言っているんですか、オフィスにお菓子なんてある訳・・・!!?
F: By the way, have you noticed that there are some snacks available in some offices?
Y: Snacks in an office? No way……!!?

F: このとおり、一部のオフィスには100円をカエルの口に入れると自由にひとつ取っていいお菓子ボックスがあるんです!
Y: これは、国際交流基金ならではですね! 残りの期間中に私もやってみようかな♪
F: As you can see, throw 100yen in the frog’s mouth then you can get one!
Y: That’s fabulous! I must try it before my internship ends.

F: というわけで、今回は国際交流基金の素敵なファッションとお菓子ボックスについてご紹介しましたが、お楽しみ頂けたでしょうか。

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the Japan Foundation.
We can't believe we only have 3 more days to go, but we'll do our best!

Thank you so much.

Fukuchi and Yoshida


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

夏休み/ Summer vacations


Hello everyone! I send you a hot kiss from cool MoscowRussia)!



It seems like Autumn is just around the corner and all boys and girls will have to write reports about their Summer vacations on their first day at school.
I tried to write the one! So here it is.

Don’t you feel relaxed when Summer starts?

Russian children like the period of time from June to the end of August very much.

This is because June-August is a season of the longest three-month vacation at schools in Russia!

ゆっくりとしか過ごせない暑い夏にぴったりの ~ 大人が子供と共にゆっくりと楽しめる ~ 様々な講座を行いました。
We held wide varieties of classes which are perfect for hot Summer when you can do nothing but take it slow and easy every day, and that both grown-ups and kids can enjoy together.



First we made our heads work on Japanese chess ‘Shogi’ class. We spent a very concentrated week listening to the explanations and thinking over the movements of the shogi pieces.


The next class was ‘Temari’ – traditional Japanese handball -  class. It was a very bright and colorful (why? – you will know when reading further) week of challenging in handcrafting.   



There is a traditional art of Japanese handicraft called Temari in Japan which originated in ancient times.
Temari is an art of creating beautiful balls constructed from remnants of old kimonos and decorated with stitches of different colors.
In ancient Japan, it used to be a play of kids, while in modern Russia (since modern kids rooms are full of all kinds of toys) it seems to be rather kids moms’ leisure pursuit. 



You decorate the ball creating a colorful pattern using various threads.


Wow! It looks very difficult!
If you don’t concentrate you won’t be able to do better. That’s why we were trying hard in silence. Thanks to it we could create a ball as well as we could have a chance to look inside ourselves and think over different things. We spent a great time! 




After that we tried to make nice brooches and marvelous pouches.
Threads were tangling, we pricked our fingers by the needles, and were getting stuck with the whole process but we had a lot of girl chats. After winning the needle-and-cotton-battle, we left the class with the finished pouches and brooches and a huge sense of accomplishment.



Meanwhile, it started raining more often as if Summer was crying because it didn't want to leave behind us. It seems like that Summer is almost reaching the Finish Line. Hey, Summer! Cheer up! We’ll meet again next year!”

So, young ladies and gentlemen, how did you spend your Summer? Are you ready for your report about your ‘Summer vacation’?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Power of Art/アートの力

“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing” ~Pablo Picasso

It was a little after 9:00 am when the kids started to arrive at the museum.  The kids were Grade 4 students from two Manila public elementary schools chosen by Museo Pambata for the workshop.  They entered the hall in a straight line; one group came dressed in their school uniforms while the other group in jeans and t-shirts.  There was an air of excitement and anticipation as each participant was given an apron to wear.
今回の版画ワークショップの参加者は、ムセオパンバタ(Museo Pambata; 子供博物館)

As the facilitators from the Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP) started explaining the printmaking workshop to the kids, I could already feel the room start to buzz with energy and a little apprehension.  I have a feeling this was probably their first art workshop.
今回のワークショップの進行役は、フィリピン・アソシエーション・オブ・プリントメーカーズ(Philippine Association of Printmakers; PAP)のスタッフです。

The first project started a little slow.  It took awhile for some of the kids to make their design. I guess they were a little afraid to make mistakes or were afraid that their designs were not good enough.  But once they saw their design inked, transferred to paper and water colored, there was no stopping the kids from producing artwork after artwork.  All the kids were so focused on their work that the only time they leave their table was when they needed more paper.  


By the time the workshop finished at 12:30 pm, we had 4 walls full of artworks made by the kids. 

It has been 2 weeks since the workshop and it still makes me smile whenever I remember the look on their faces once they finished their works; how their eyes lighted up when their design was transferred from the acrylic sheet to the paper.  I hope one or two of these kids be given the opportunity to pursue arts in the future.  I hope I am still around to see their works displayed in galleries and museums.  I hope that will continue to have art in their lives. 

The Printmaking Workshop by the PAP is the educational component of the exhibition, Ukiyo: Art and Tradition held last July 17 to August 4, 2013 at the Karapatan Hall of the Museo Pambata.  The exhibition was presented by the Japan Foundation, Manila in cooperation with Museo Pambata, Philippine Association of Printmakers and the Embassy of Japan.  The exhibit and workshop was part of the celebration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month and the 40th Year of ASEAN - Japan Friendship and Cooperation.
Karapatanホールで開催されていた浮世絵の展覧会「Ukiyo-e: Art and Tradition」の

The organizers, facilitators and participants of the Printmaking Workshop.

Monday, August 12, 2013

今、日本の「ケンチク」がアツい!/ Japanese KENCHIKU (Architecture) Attracts the World !

Hello everyone! It’s nice seeing you on the blog.
This is Haru from Tokyo, working in Arts and Culture Department :)

Last weekend, I visited the “Aichi Triennale 2013,” 
which is an international festival of art held in Aichi once every three years!

今、日本の「建築」は、 “人が交流する場”を創るものとして、
On 11th August, the Aichi Triennale 2013 and we, the Japan Foundation, co-organized
an international architecture symposium titled “KENCHIKU / Architecture from Japan.”
Did you know that Japanese KENCHIKU (Architecture) attracts more and more international attention these days?

The symposium report will be published in our web magazine “Wochi Kochi” soon,
so please don’t miss it!!!

Take care for the rest of the summer!
Bye then!

The Aichi Triennale 2013 HP:
JF Wochi Kochi magazine:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

12月の日本語能力試験へ向けて!/JLPT is coming in December!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post.
This is Goo-Noo posting from midsummer Tokyo! In my section, Center for Japanese-Language Testing, we are now getting ready for the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in December!

Being held twice a year in July and December, the test is offered in more than 200 overseas cities, and the number of the site cities is still going up! We do have the JLPT even in countries like Maldives, Colombia, and Serbia! Isn’t that something? 

And from this December, we will have test venues in new cities: Antananarivo in Madagascar, Alger in Algeria and Siem Reap in Cambodia.

The registration is already open. For details, please go to our website!

For your studying, please check out the following online workbook that is free to download. 

Good luck, and thanks for reading!
Hope you a great day!

JLPT Homepage :
Practice workbook :
List of JLPT cities:
Past posts on JLPT: