Monday, December 2, 2013

"Ganbarou" means "stay strong"./「がんばろう」という言葉の意味は、「stay strong (強くあれ)」ということ。

After Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) hit the Visayas Region on November 8, the Philippines has been receiving aid and support from local and foreign donors.  We have been hearing and seeing stories of acts of kindness: from the different countries who have sent their doctors and nurses to give medical assistance to the people of Leyte, Samar and Cebu; and the different international organizations who sent tons of relief goods to the affected areas; to ordinary citizens who have decided to share whatever they have with their fellow Filipinos.  These acts of kindness have moved many to come up with ways on how to help.

The Japan Foundation, Manila has decided to launch the “GanbarouPilipinas” project. It is our way of showing our support to those who were greatly affected by the typhoon. "Ganbarou" means "Stay strong" in Japanese. The message "Ganbarou Tohoku, Ganbarou Nippon" has been commonly seen and heard all over Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.  Through the “GanbarouPilipinas” project, JF Manila has started posting various lessons learned from post disaster relief and recovery operations in Japan and other countries.  These articles range from disaster preparedness tips for kids to inspiring stories of survival from those who have experience calamities.
 マニラ日本文化センターでは、今回の台風で甚大な被害を受けた人々をわたしたちなりの方法でサポートしていくことが出来るように「GanbarouPilipinas(がんばろうフィリピン)」プロジェクトを立ち上げました。「がんばろう」は日本語で「Stay strong(強くあれ)」という意味です。2011年東日本大震災の際には、「がんばろう東北、がんばろう日本」というメッセージを日本中でよく目にしましたが、この「GanbarouPilipinas(がんばろうフィリピン)」プロジェクトを通して本センターは、災害後の復旧、復興に要するオペレーション術など、日本や海外の国々が学んできた様々な教訓を伝える記事の掲載を始めました。これらの記事は、子どもの防災についてのアドバイスから、大惨劇から生き残った人々の感激のエピソードまで様々な情報を届けています。

Ganbarou Pilipinas!

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