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愛する人に気持ちを伝える手段として食がある / Food! That is how you can let your beloved ones know about your feelings.

Hello, everyone!
How are you feeling in the threshold of the New Year?

It is me, Elena reporting from snow-covered Moscow.
It seems to become colder everywhere these days. 
And what do we do when it's cold? 
Yes, exactly we try to warm our bodies with hot drinks and hot food of course.

And what does winter mean to you? Why do you like it? 
Promise me that you will find a couple of minutes in these hectic days of the Christmas fuss to think of it.

A little hint  it maybe an awesome contrast between cold outside and warm inside: 
cold wind and warm feelings to the ones you love or cold snow and hot soup...


In the beginning of December we welcomed Mrs. Mayumi Yanai in one of the oldest cinemas of Moscow. Mrs. Mayumi Yanai has been a chief producer in Japan's oldest cooking TV program "KYO-NO-RYORI" (English Title: Today’s Cooking) for over 20 years. 

She introduced a documentary film about Mrs. Yoshiko Tatsumi and her soup, titled "Tennoshizuku Tatusmi Yoshiko Inochi no Soup/ Drops of Heaven".
今回の訪露では、料理家・辰巳芳子さんの一年間を描いたドキュメンタリー映画「天のしずく 辰巳芳子 “いのちのスープ”」をご紹介頂きました。

The movie is full of unforgettable flavors and breath-taking views of Japan. 
But I should say that there is much less about food in the film than you imagine when you see the title. Deep philosophical thoughts pervade it.

"Cookery guru serves wisdom with her soups..."

Let me introduce an article in Japanese written by ex-JF blogger Any. 
You can find it here → http://roshianow.jp/arts/2013/12/17/46449.html
元基金ブロガーのAnyさんによる日本語の記事はこちらのリンクから→ http://roshianow.jp/arts/2013/12/17/46449.html 

The English version is below!

5hours before screening/ the kitchen of the Japan Foundation Moscow Office: "I wanted to introduce to the Russians this Brown Rice Soup - the most traditional and the simplest in cooking one." – says Mrs. Mayumi Yanai folding ingredients – roasted brown rice, natural kelp and organic grown pickled plum


"Japanese people, who have the longest lifespan, used to treat and respect Nature as God and appreciate the bounty of Nature. That is how Japanese used to treat food. I want people to understand it." – says Mrs. Mayumi Yanai.

The world is seized with the Japanese food boom. In Russia it is the same. 
"Unfortunately it is mostly sushi, sashimi, tempura and udon"which people all over the world know as the Japanese cuisine. The main concept of the Japanese cuisine is not known yet.

The preparation of authentic Japanese food is not so complicated. "The point is that you have to prepare meals by making the best use of the original taste of each ingredient. It is exactly what sets in order our bodies. I believe this way of eating will save the world." - says Mrs. Yanai.  

The screening of this documentary film was arranged not only in order to introduce Japanese food abroad but also to attract people's attention to the problem called «koshoku», which means eat alone and feel lonely. There are a lot of families in Russia where both parents work and children have meals by themselves. So it is quite a pressing problem here, too.

Warm words about the warm soup…

After the screening, we received a lot of comments from the audience. 
"Fast-paced lifestyle produces 'fast food'. We are so much in a hurry every day that we are even sometimes unable to realize our emotional state. We have to slow down and let it have "slow life and slow food," said one young woman with her eyes full of tears.

A 73-year-old woman said that Japanese are really philosophic people. They love nature, spending their time to observe it, and living in unison with it.

Mrs. Yoshiko Tatsumi’s message reached people in Moscow

Mrs.Mayumi Yanai, Senior Producer/ NHK Educational Corporation
矢内真由美さん((株)NHKエデュケーショナル  シニアプロデューサー)
"I am convinced that from our first to last breath soup and broths can help us find comfort and peace. And this is the mission lying beyond the soup’s vapors." - these are the last words Yoshiko Tatsumi says to us in the film. The producer says that World Peace comes with meals and asks people to value the time they spend eating the same dinner together with their families. People eat food not only to recover energy. Food feeds our bodies as well as our souls.

We hope that this film will make more Russians gather at their kitchens every day to have meals together. 

It feels like even frozen Moscow has become a bit warmer

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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