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「ジャカルタ 日本の書5人展―国境を越えて―」 “- Across the Border - Five Japanese Calligrapher Exhibition in Jakarta”

ジャカルタ日本文化センター2014年企画第1弾はお正月らしく「書道展」です! 字が下手なせいで上手な人を尊敬してしまう私ですが、今回日本からこのためにお越しになった5人の書家の皆様の書を見ているとあらためてほぉーと唸ってしまいます。継続は力なり! ですね。いや、最初から上手な人もいるでしょうが…。
The 2014 first program of the Japan Foundation, Jakarta is just like a New Year event, “Calligraphy Exhibition”! I generally look up to people who are good in writing calligraphy because I’m not. This time, when I saw the calligraphy sheets of five calligraphers who were coming from Japan for this, I was just groaning, “Hooo” again and again. Continuation is power! Isn’t it? Maybe not… There might also be good calligraphers...from the beginning.

さて、今回の企画は日本・インドネシア国交樹立55周年を記念した企画展、題して「ジャカルタ 日本の書5人展―国境を越えて―」!! 日本とインドネシアの友好親善を深めることを目的に企画されました。オープニングには前日から降り続いた記録的な大雨・洪水にも負けず数十名の愛好家・児童・マスコミが参列。在インドネシア日本大使鹿取大使もご参列してくださいました。 
Well, this program is to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Japan-Indonesia diplomatic relations, under the heading “– Across the Border – Five Japanese Calligrapher Exhibition in Jakarta”!! It was planned with the aim to deepen the friendship between Japan and Indonesia. Dozens of lovers, students and media crews attended in spite of heavy rain and a record flood that lasted from the day before the opening. Japan’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Katori, was also attending the exhibition.

This exhibition was showing the 44 works of the five calligraphers, who serve as members of Mainichi calligraphy exhibition, Japan's largest of its kind, and are also followers of the exhibition’s honorary chairman, teacher Sugano Seiho. The exhibition shows not only the orthodox “calligraphy” works but also the pieces representing various styles, giving off light across the venue and gaining attention from visitors.

(Merdeka Tomoko Masuda)

また、オープニングに引き続いて行われた書道デモンストレーションでは出品作家である書家江草幽研が午年にちなみ2種類の『馬』の字をしたためると会場からは拍手が沸き起こるのでした。象形文字である『馬』という字は実際に馬の形に見えるから不思議、しかも躍動感ある馬(の字)なんですよね。そのほかにも「インドネシア」・「ジャカルタ」を漢字で書くなど、居合わせた日本人が読めなくて困ってしまうような書も披露。これらの作品はそのまま会場に展示されているので、どれが「インドネシア」でどれが「ジャカルタ」なのか探してみるのも面白いのでは? お父さん・お母さん方は事前に調べておくとお子さんに自慢できるかと思われますよ。ちなみに筆は馬の尻尾の毛でできているものや羊の毛でできているものなどを使っていらっしゃるということでした。
In addition, in the calligraphy demonstration conducted after the opening, one of the participating calligraphers, Yuken Egusa, got big applause when the audiences knowing the character of two types of “(horse)”. It’s strange – the Japanese symbolic character of “ (horse)”, which was found from an actual shape of horse, appears to look like a real horse. It was even a(n) (character of) uplifting horse! Besides, he also wrote “Indonesia” and “Jakarta” in Kanji, but the characters were unreadable even by Japanese visitors. These works are on display at the venue, so please visit the venue and try finding which is “Indonesia” or “Jakarta”. For fathers and mothers, it would be a good idea to think about it in advance so that they can boast to their children. Also, he taught us that his calligraphy brushes were made from horse’s tails or sheep’s hairs.

なお、主催のインドネシア・ジャカルタ書道展実行委員会によりますと、今企画展作品は会期終了後にすべてインドネシア国内の高校・大学に1点ずつ寄贈するとのことでした! おぉー、私がほしい…。
According to the Indonesia Calligraphy Exhibition Executive Committee of the organizer in Jakarta, all of the exhibited works will be donated to and one work for each will be given to high schools and Universities in Indonesia. Whoops, I want it too~~.

Session and location is the following below.
How about enjoying calligraphy at the beginning of the year?

場所:国際交流基金ジャカルタ日本文化センター・大ホール(Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 61-62, Jakarta (021-520 1266)
Dates and hours: January, 13 - 30, 2014 10:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. (Closed for weekends and holidays; Closed at 4:00pm on January 30)
Place: The Japan Foundation, Jakarta, Hall (Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 61-62, Jakarta 021-520 1266)


Report from Jakarta flooding~!

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