Friday, July 15, 2011

こんにちは from the land downunder 地球の反対側からこんにちは

Name: I'm Amanda, AKA Disco Diva


Superpower: Can dance until the sun comes up!


Role at JPF, Sydney: Public Relations Coordinator


About me:

I’ve been at the Japan Foundation, Sydney for 2.5 years. I started as a Program Coordinator in the Language Department and then changed to Public Relations Coordinator in April last year. My day has completed changed as I now have to keep any eye on what is happening outside the office just as much as within! Lucky for me when I look out my window I can see Sydney harbour....not the bridge though



I work with a great bunch of people, always looking for new ways to showcase all things related to Japan for the Australian public.

Our motto is ‘Bringing Japan to You’ and that’s what we strive to do, so even if you can’t afford the ticket to Japan, you can still be a part of Japan through us!


Our office is located in a very corporate building which is a bit fancy but the best thing is that we have two great Japanese restaurants within 100 metres of us. You can also walk to the harbour, the Opera House, and botanical gardens with ease. In Summer, some of us laze in the park at lunchtime making it tough to go back to our desks!


So that’s enough form me for now. I’ll be back next time with some latest event information from Sydney….think it will be about the up coming anime and manga convention. Stay tuned!

Here is a photo of a photo strip from our anime and manga event last :)



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