Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Music beyond Borderline 音楽はボーダーラインを越えて

Hello everybody! Christmas is coming OH! OH! OH!

Rome is extremely COLD right now, although here it never snows (I wonder how many degrees there are in Moscow... and in Sydney?!)

Today it's my last working day before Christmas and お正月 holidays, I'll be back at my desk on January 4th. YAY!

Before leaving I'd like to share some picture with you, they're from the concert held here on December 7th.

The event, called BORDERLINE, was a cross-over between contemporary music and Noh Theatre, with the involvement of the Italian band Alter Ego (flute and two clarinets) and the Noh performer Ryoko Aoki. It was really a "borderline show" but the audience (around 120 people) had an enthusiastic reaction.





「BORDERLINE」というタイトルがつけられたこのイベントは、イタリアのバンドAlter Ego(フルートとクラリネットデュオ)と能楽師 青木涼子さんによる現代音楽と能謡の音楽のボーダーラインを越えたコンサートでした。それはまさに「ボーダーラインを越えたパフォーマンス」で、約120名の観客は熱狂的な反応をしていましたよ~。


(© Mario Boccia)


(© Mario Boccia)


(© Mario Boccia)

This month we had also a couple of visits from a senior high school and a junior high. The kids came to see the exhibition (the one I wrote about in my previous entry) and had a lot of fun making origami with my colleague Daniela. I took one picture but I have to put a black "mask" on the faces because of privacy laws. Here it is.



Young generations learning how to make a 鶴!


And that's all folks, sorry for the short entry but I have to finish some work before going to vacation.

I leave you a picture of the traditional Italian Christmas dessert. It's called PANETTONE and is a kind of sweet soft bread filled with raisins and candied fruit. It's DELICIOUS!



I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a more-than-wonderful 2012!


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