Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wrapping up and winding down 終わりがあれば始まりがある


It's been awhile since you had some news from us; apologies upfront but it has been absolute madness here!!


After returning from the Head Office training trip back in September, the Arts & Culture Dept here has been engaged in full festival fever mode, preparing for our 15th Japanese Film Festival (you may have already read about from our intern Joey).


After a total of 109 screenings of Japanese cinema (both old and new films) over the 49 days, we are ecstatic to have attracted an audience just shy of 20,000 Australia-wide – a phenomenal result!


To commemorate the milestone year, we welcomed 5 Japanese guests to our Sydney and Melbourne events – Yutaka Takenouchi (Actor), Hideyuki Hirayama (Director), Hirotaka Matsune (Cinematographer), Tsuyoshi Inoue (Director) and Mitsuhiro Kyota (Producer) with Andrew Cornell (former Japanese Correspondent, Australian Financial Review) as a guest moderator.

この記念すべき年に、シドニー&メルボルンでのイベントに日本人ゲストとして、竹之内豊(俳優)、平山秀幸(映画監督)、松根広隆(撮影監督)、井上剛(映画監督)、京田光広(プロデューサー)の5名を招待し、Andrew Cornell(Australian Financial Review紙 元駐日特派員)をゲストモデレータとして迎えました。

f:id:japanfoundation:20111213150206j:image:medium:left To get a glimpse of all that action that happened at JFF15, please visit our facebook There’s even a special album dedicated to Yutaka Takenouchi because his appearance was pure pandemonium! Well, actually, also because he’s waaay too handsome to select only one pic of him... ;)


Other highlights included our ‘Finding Hope through Films’ screenings (documentaries with an earthquake focus). From these sessions, we raised $497.00, all going towards Save the Children. The raised funds will support children in affected areas to resume everyday life activities such as initiating a school-based psychosocial support program for children, their parents and other childcare providers; child protection support and supplying children with school-related materials.

さて、もうひとつお届けしたい話題は、東日本大震災をテーマにしたドキュメンタリ映画「Finding Hope through Films」の上映についてです。この上映会開催を通じて、$497.00が寄せられ、その全額をSave the Childrenに寄付し、被災地の子どもたちが日常生活を取り戻すための支援に利用されることになります。支援内容としては、学校を中心とした子どもたち、その両親、両親以外の保護者のための精神面でのサポートプログラム、児童保護サポートプログラム、子どもたちに学校生活に必要な物資を提供するサポートプログラムなどがあります。

We are winding down now towards Christmas so its back to the office doing paperwork and preparing for events next year.


Until our next post, we would like to wish everyone a fantastic Christmas season and New Year! Leaving you with Christmas in Sydney - this pic is taken at St Mary's Cathedral. Love, Evon

皆さんにステキなクリスマス&すばらしい新年が訪れますように!St Mary's Cathedralの写真を撮ってみました↓皆さんの心にシドニーのクリスマスの余韻を残しながら・・・Evonより愛を込めて。


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