Friday, November 4, 2011

Old-fashioned Photo Exhibition レトロな写真はお好き?

Hello everyone!

Like Egypt, Italy is getting cooler as well. Rome is starting to get covered with dead leaves and sometimes rainstorms wash away everything. チョーめんどくさい。

I’m really jealous of the wonderful J-POP Salon opened in Cairo, I’m a manga lover and would be great if a similar event could be held here in Rome. Many compliments to Aki san!

No manga for me here at Istituto Giapponese, but an equally awesome photo exhibition called “Metamorphosis of Japan After the War”, the work of 11 photographers who captured images of postwar Japan from 1945 to 1964.






Ken Domon

Children looking at a picture-card show. Tokyo 1953


紙芝居 東京 1953年


Takeyoshi Tanuma

Dancers resting on the rooftop of the SKD Theatre. Asakusa, Tokyo


SKDの踊り子 浅草国際劇場屋上 東京 1949年

In my personal opinion I find very fascinating this old-fashioned style of photography, with real black&white (not the “fake one” made up using photoshop), real photographic film and no image editing at all. Isn’it incredible? There was an era without photoshop and digital cameras! We should always remember this, and pictures like these will appear in all their magnificence.

Yesterday another big event promoted by the Institute took place in Rome, at beautiful Teatro Olimpico.

It was the RYUKYU DANCE & MUSIC, a gorgeous performance of traditional music and dance from Ryukyu Islands, former name of Okinawa.

Among the dancers and musicians were included several "Living National Treasures of Japan" in performing arts and for sure the show was something unforgettable.


ローマ日本文化会館が主催したもうひとつのビッグイベントが美しいテアトロ・オリンピコにて昨日開催されました。その名も「琉球伝統芸能 ローマ公演」というイベントで、琉球(現在の沖縄県)の伝統芸能である古典音楽・舞踊の見た目にも豪華なパフォーマンスが展開されました。踊り手や演奏家の中には、日本の芸能部門の「人間国宝」もいて、この公演が観客にとって忘れられないものとなったことは間違いないでしょう。


(© Mario Boccia)


(© Mario Boccia)


(© Mario Boccia)


(© Mario Boccia)

Isn'it great?! The audience was totally fascinated, it was a big success.

Last, but not least, I had the chance to watch the latest Ghibli movie at Rome Film Festival last week.

Directed by Goro Miyazaki (Hayao's son), is called "From up on Poppy Hill" (コクリコ坂から) and it's very nice!

The plot is about a young girl in 1963, fighting with her classmates to save from demolition an old building used as a base for all the school clubs.

Of course romance and troubles are involved in the story, one of the best latest Ghibli in my opinion! Strongly recommended!




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