Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Morning Everybody!

Here in Rome is very cold! But “tenki ga ii kara, sanpo shimashoo!” (like the example of the check of Proficiency Test)

I guess all of you had a good Xmas holidays!



I watched the video of Unit Asia, it's amazing! Fuki san I love the picture of the sunrise! I have never been to Nepal, I should go! And Any san the Xmas tree in the middle of the snow is beautiful!

During Xmas Holidays, I was in Naples. I enjoyed my Mother’s home made food! I ate the struffoli! It’s a typical Neapolitan dessert: small fried balls made of eggs, flour and made compact by the honey, candied fruit and sugar confetti.

キャシーさんの記事にアップされていたUnit Asiaの動画、かっこいいですね。蕗さんの記事にアップされていた、ネパールのヒマラヤ山脈の日の出の写真もなんて素敵なのでしょう!Anyさんが紹介していた、モスクワの雪の中にたたずむクリスマスツリーも綺麗です。さて私といえば、ナポリの実家で、お母さんの手料理を堪能していました。ストルッフォリをたらふく食べましたよ!ナポリでは定番なクリスマスデザートなんです。


The ancient recipe was come down from home to home and requires the dough to be made from flour, eggs, butter, milk, grated lemon, salt, vanilla and kneaded for a long time. Then it’s cut into small pieces that are rolled into little balls of 1 cm, which are fried in oil and mixed with honey. It’s all handmade and served on a tray dressed with candied fruit and colored confetti.

Ooops I wrote the recipe! ;)



Dewa, a new year started and for JF Rome it means new activities, art exhibitions, concerts and so on!

From 21th of January we are exhibiting our print collection. It’s a wonderful print collection of some of the most important artists of XX century: Yayoi Kusama, Shiko Munakata, Yozo Hamaguchi.

Some of the works were sent by Japanese government to embellish our Institute on the occasion of the opening held in 1962. The other works are the artistic result of International Biennale of graphics of Tokyo 1957-1979. As you may know, in the ’60 Japanese artists became interested in different techniques trying new styles and original art form while Pop Art was spreading over America and England.







Many Italian newspapers wrote about our exhibition! And this Monday my colleagues Sugimoto san and Akiyama san went to Radio Vaticana to talk about our activities! It was a nice occasion to promote our activities live on one of the most famous radio in Italy!


In addition to the print exhibition, on 18th of January the movie season started! This time is about the movie director Yasuzo Masumura. Even if the movies are subtitled in English many people are coming to enjoy it. It’s interesting that one of his movies, Eden no sono, not part of our selection, was shot in Rome in 1980.


About our language courses, this semester we introduced a new course called "Fun Mini Courses for Japanese Language and Culture". It is for people that want to know more about Japanese pop culture, movies, literature, etc! Omoshiroii ne?!!

Dewa, next is you Mio!



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