Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Hi! I’m Taro. I’m working for the Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa.

I’m responsible for accounting at the institute. I sometimes help short training courses for Japanese teaching assistants in the United States, and accept university students.

The best part of our institute is that I can make good friends with Japanese teachers from all over the world. I feel like being in overseas during lunch time.

One of teachers I remember is from Pune, India. He was very diligent. Whenever he finished his lunch, he came to my table. And then, he asked me new Japanese phrases or expressions. I wrote down “Ichigo ichie” (only once in a lifetime), “Senzai ichigu” (one chance in a million), “Shichiten Battou” (to roll seven times and fall eight times), and explained to him the meaning of each phrase. When he experienced a tea ceremony event, he heard the expression “Ichigo ichie”. He was happy to hear the phrase since he had already learned it.

I’ve found that I come to think of the original meaning when I interact with people who have different cultural backgrounds. For example, when I looked up for “Senzai ichigu” in a dictionary, I found “zai” meant “year” and “gu” means “to meet”. In Japanese, “Senzai ichigu” means “one chance in a thousand” although the phrase is expressed “one chance in a million” in English. It’ll be nice if teachers tell students what they’ve learned in Japan, which encourages me to study harder and more about Japan and other things.

Our blog team will be writing another update soon. Thank you!

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