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Hello, Everyone!

I am Elena, from Moscow Office of the Japan Foundation. I deliver Japanese Culture to Russians.

The new year of the JF blog has begun. And it means that you have a chance to make a round-the-world trip with the staff of the Japan Foundation! My congratulations!Don't miss this chance!




And I would like to start our round-Russia trip with the presentation of the Japan Festival held on the 11 th of August.

JF Moscow Office held the workshop on Origami (traditional Japanese art of paper folding) and Shodō (calligraphy); movies; exhibition of the UNESCO World Heritage photo exhibition.

Origami and Shodō were of great interest to those who came to the event. A lot of people came to try Origami and Shodō.

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It started raining right when the calligraphy workshop was going to start. JF corner was at the shade canopy, and since it has no walls the calligraphy teacher began the explanation while her legs were getting wetter and wetter when one of the participants standing by her and watching the workshop said in admiration: “Here is the representative of truly sturdy Japan”.

We had several groups of 5 participants. Groups were taking turns every 15 minutes in practicing Chinese character "Hana" ("flower").

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Although it was raining, the stream of people longing for unusual experience didn’t stop for a second. (Probably they just had no place to go in such weather though.)


The UNESCO World Heritage photo exhibition was arranged at the very space where the movies concerning recovery of Japan after earthquake 2011 were shown. Such combination create very homelike atmosphere. Besides you unlikely felt like strolling around in rain so you didn't have to.

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The UNESCO World Heritage photo exhibition + Movies about recovery of Japan after earthquake 2011


ちなみに、「Russia Beyond The Headlines」の記事にもなっています。→ 日本文化の日 | ロシアNOW

Among other Japan connected corners there was one of the printing house where Tōrō nagashi was held. (Tōrō nagashi is a Japanese ceremony where participants float paper lanterns down a river.) Printing house arranged it to commemorate those lost in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was held on the closest to the date of the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings weekend - on August, 11. Participants made paper lanterns by themselves and then float them into two inflatable pools. It was the first time such ceremony was held in Russia.




Tōrō nagashi



There also was a cosplay show.


And at last I would like to show you something interesting I discovered there.





There was no caption at this piece of art. So I guess it was left to the imagination of the guests of the festival.

The sight of the object brought me to the Pirates Era when some lost people finding themselves on some uninhabited islands wrote messages, put it into a glass bottle and float into the sea.

And what about you?

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