Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ciao da Roma!  ローマからこんにちは!

Hello everybody! はじめまして! This is Federica from Rome writing my very first entry in this blog! I'm very excited to start this experience and first of all I wanna send a big ありがとう! to Mio san, for her kind support!

I've been working at Rome Japan Cultural Institute since September 2010, as a member of the cultural office staff and I’m in charge for various activities, such as patronages, database administration, and conferences.



Unfortunately I don’t have much to say right now, because in July-August the Institute is on summer break with no activities.

The atmosphere is very quiet and the familiar sound of cicadas echoes all around. I love summer.


In September an exhibition about Japanese gardens will be held at the Institute, and here you can see some pictures of the setting.




Gardening is one of the most popular aspects of the Japanese culture, a lot of people calls to visit the garden of the Institute, that will be opened from next October 1st for one month (usually the visits are held during October and April-May).

Last spring another Association in Italy (near Milan) borrowed the same exhibition from us and was a great success.



By the way, at the moment the Institute is 工事中 because next year will be the 50th anniversary of its foundation and a lot of events are in program.

Taking advantage of the summer break, we are renovating the concert hall (above all the air conditioning system) and here's how the hall looks like right now...





Hopefully in September everything will be ok!


See you next time with new reports!


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