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So children in Russia get to have 3 months off for vacation? That is so unfair, it would make all of us jealous! Going to camps and visiting grandparents must be a treat.


The event about traditional Japanese games you introduced for us sounds very interesting. I wonder what children in Moscow thought about playing with daruma-otoshi and ken-dama. The boys and girls in the picture all look adorable! I can't wait to read your next article.









Last month, "The 51st International Speech Contest in Japanese" was held in Niigata prefecture. This year, there were as many as 104 applicants from 26 countries, out of which 12 finalists from 8 countries presented their 7-minute speeches on stage.




















NHK教育テレビにて、7月18日(日)22:00~23:30に放送が予定されています! !


As feedback comments below show, many spectators were greatly moved to learn the speakers' unique perspectives regarding Japan and its culture, along with their talks about the countries they are from.

You wanted to go see but missed it? Don't worry, it will be on-aired for you on NHK Educational Channel from 22:00 to 23:30 on July 18th. Be sure to check out the award winning speeches (and really, all speeches were wonderful each speaker deserves an award!) *time subject to change.


Lastly, I'd like to introduce some of the comments from the audience.



"It was a great chance to view Japan from a different standpoint. "



"The speeches in Japanese by foreign citizens was interesting and meaningful. There were several points that raise sympathy in an international student like me. I was stimulated enough to actually plan on applying for next year's speech contest! "



"The speakers all had a great sense of humor. It reminded me of my memories of both rough times and happy times with the local people I've been through while I had studied abroad in China. "



"Today was my first time to participate in an event like this, but it was extremely entertaining. Site management was perfect as well. I'd like to send a salute to all speakers on stage. "


私は今ハワイで日本語を教えていますが、今日のスピーチや参加者の皆さんの気持ちを胸に 新学年、新たな気持ちで授業をしたいと思います。皆さん、大変素晴らしいスピーチをありがとうございました。」

"I teach Japanese in Hawaii. I'd like to bring back the emotions the speakers presented to us and start off my next semester's classes on a brand new note. Thank you everyone for your great speeches."



"All speakers were great at Japanese indeed, and their distinct standpoints were eye-opening. It was a very enlightening experience. How wonderful would it be if all people could communicate in the same language!"



"I wish I could award a prize to everyone."



"I admire their great language skills. I had a great time today. I wish us Japanese people would be more open-minded to co-exist along with diverse cultures. I especially would like to see young people make the best of it."




As you can see, this speech contest offers a priceless opportunity to reconsider internationalization within Japan.

Please watch the program and tell us what you thought!


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