Saturday, May 24, 2014

JF Nihongo Courses in Los Angeles / JF日本語コース in ロサンゼルス

Place: 5700 Wilshire Boulevard #100, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles, introduced JF Nihongo Courses over two years ago and we have steadily nurtured our students from the initial 59 in four courses during winter of 2012 to 108 students in nine courses during the current spring quarter.


There are two locations including our classroom in Little Tokyo location as well as our office in the Miracle Mile. We offer four courses including Mastering Kana for introductory learners, Making Friends and Fun With Friends for beginners, and Business Japanese for intermediate/advanced learners.


Our language classes typically cater to adults above the age of 18, but every summer we offer a week-long Summer Camp course at our Little Tokyo location for young Japanese language learners to visit the historical area of Downtown Los Angeles and to practice their Japanese at the local stores.


From time to time, we also offer special one day workshops called Japanese for Fun that includes topics such as Making Sushi in Japanese and Celebrating Japanese New Year. These classes feature the cultural aspect of language learning so students are able to get a small taste of Japanese culture here in LA.

また、日本語でお寿司づくりや日本のお正月をお祝いしようというテーマで「Japanese for Fun」という特別1日ワークショップをときどき開催しています。このようなクラスでは、日本の習慣や文化にまつわる言葉を学ぶので、生徒たちはロサンゼルスにいながら日本文化を少し味わうことができます。

You may wonder whatkind of students study Japanese with us here in Los Angeles and you will be surprised to learn that we have a diverse group of individuals who are interested in learning Japanese for a wide variety of reasons.


Our students range from the casual learner interested in Japanese culture to those who have been learning for quite some time and want to use Japanese in greater aspects of their lives. There are also those who are interested in going to Japan for business or pleasure as well as those who are planning to start a career in Japan.


During the past two years, we have also selected one outstanding student from all our classes to participate in our special short term training program at the Japan Foundation, Japanese Language Institute Kansai. This provides an opportunity for on very lucky student to experience Japanese culture first hand while meeting other students from around the world who share the same interest in learning Japanese.

開設してからの2年の間には、クラスから優秀な生徒を一人選び、国際交流基金 関西国際センターの特別短期研修プログラムに参加してもらいました。このプログラムに参加したラッキーな生徒は、日本文化に直に触れる経験とともに、日本語を学ぶモチベーションを共有する世界中から集まった生徒さんたちと出会う機会を得ることができました。

As our language classes evolve, we will continually create new courses to support our wide range of learners. We are excited about meeting new Angelinos who are interested in learning Japanese with us and look forward to another year of JF Nihongo Courses here in Los Angeles.


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