Monday, March 31, 2014

日本語能力試験に申し込んでみませんか?/Let's go take JLPT!

Hi, everyone!! It’s been a while since my last post. This is Goo-Noo from Tokyo. It's getting pretty warm these days here in Tokyo as spring approaches. Hope everybody is enjoying the season in your country.

As the title tells, today I like to talk about the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which we will hold on July 6 and December 7 this year. If you do not know the test, please see the link below. It's a language test that measures your Japanese proficiency.

☆ 日本語能力試験について
About the Japanese Language Proficiency Test →

We hold the test twice a year, and for the next July test, we are going to have the test in 44 prefectures in Japan and 105 cities in 23 countries/ a region. Please see the link to see the detail.

List of overseas test site cities →

If you wonder why taking the JLPT is beneficial to you, I recommend you to read the JLPT bulletin, in which the past takers talk about how the test has influenced their courses and/or careers.

JLPT Bulletin →

The application period for the July test has been now open, so don't forget to submit your application on time! To check which local host institution you should apply to, please see the list of overseas test site cities above.

This year, JLPT turned 30 years old. (I want to do something to celebrate!) So please check your Japanese ability on this 30th anniversary of the JLPT !!

Thank you and have a good spring! !


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