Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Messages for Our Children - 3:11 A New Beginning展

First entry to 2012!


Hope your year is off to a good start like ours is.


It's the middle of Winter in Australia, so although Sydney doesn't get as cold as many cities, it is still very chilly, especially in the mornings!

Australia has the reputation for being a hot country but our Winter is very cold especially in the southern areas.


One that I'd like to talk about was our last exhibition called, 'Messages for Our Children - 3:11 A New Beginning'.

You can see more information about the exhibition here;

今日はシドニー日本文化センターで開催された「Messages for Our Children - 3:11 A New Beginning展」をご紹介しますね。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください→

In our gallery, we exhibited 60 images; the majority of the photos taken by the children and youth of the affected areas of Japan.


Rather than focusing on the actual disaster, this collection is centred on Japan’s recovery. Each photo tells of a small but significant 'behind-the-scenes’ moment that demonstrate the strong Japanese community bond, the heart of the exhibition.



These are my favourite images as even though I know this children have been through so much, they are helping one another with daily things they enjoy like reading as well as making the most of life:)



We asked visitors to our exhibition to write a message to the children and we intend to send them to Japan.

We received many beautiful messages. Here are some examples.



We are still asking for messages at our events as we think it is important to continually show support. These images made us smile so we want to make the students smile too!


We'll be writing another update soon but in the meantime where ever you are in the world, keep spreading the word on all things 'Japanese'!!!


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