Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sakura in Rome! ローマのさくら

Good morning to you all!

Rome is spring too!

Mio san, I’m glad to hear that everybody in the office of Tokyo is fine. Fuki san the strawberry daifuku seems delicious!

Unless to say how sad it was for us what happened in Japan. We couldn't believe it was true…

We received many demonstrations of solidarity from our audience. We are raising funds to send them to the Japanese Red Cross, and the people that come to make a donation are deeply touched by the accident.. Everybody would like to do something to help Japanese people and we are thankful for it!!

みなさんおはようございます!ローマのNunziaです。(翻訳代行 mio)




I know it is a bad situation but I think that it shows how positive is the image of Japan worldwide. Japan is seen as a respectful , hard- working and upstanding country. When I was a student I wrote a degree thesis about Bushido. I started studying everything about the culture of Japanese spirit . The sense of national identity and responsibility is really strong in the Japanese soul, and I believe it’s not just something lied to the past, but It’s alive also today. I really admire it!!!!!


About our activities, as you may know, we postponed them to next month. In May we will start the movie review and we will open the garden to the public. Many people called us, because they are too looking forward to see the wonderful cherry blossoms!!! Our garden is wonderful during spring time, as you can see from the pictures. It is a beautiful piece of Japan in the heart of Rome.






These days it’s possible to see our ceramic and painting collection of XX century. I'm talking about the second part of the exhibition called "Giappone 900". It is really beautiful. There are works of Tomimoto Kenkichi, Hamada Shoji, Maeda Seison and many others.



As the first part of the exhibition was about the Japanese prints, this second part seems to be appreciated by the public. We are very lucky to hold an art collection like this.


By now I would like just to say through this blog that Japan is not alone! And I know our office will do all the best to help and continue to promote the Japanese culture in Italy! FORZA GIAPPONE! NIPPON GANBARE!



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