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Dear all,

I am Nha from the Japan Foundation in Hanoi.

Nice to see all of you with my second blog writing, by the way, I am so sorry to keep your guys waiting in such a long time. Yes, Mio-san, I have enjoyed the news on Acctive Expo and Robot Paro via NHK wesbite. I am sure that you are longing for news on Cosplay event. You may be surprised to hear that the unforgettable memory for me in this event is … the heavy rain which flooded our booth with water. Actually, we were struggling to fix our booth and to bail water out some hours in the morning of the day due to sudden heavy rain. I wish you could see how quickly the Japan Foundation staffs in Hanoi formed a cleaning team to back our booth normal. I hope there are some pictures available.



Well, let me start with the Cosplay Exhibition of YuRiE at the exhibition hall of our center. What a pity that RiE-san could not accompany with YuRi-san to come to Vietnam this time; however, Shiguma-san, one of the other famous cosplayers in Japan and YuRi’s good friend, could visit Hanoi instead for our effervescent cosplay event.

In the opening day, there about 130 visitors joined with us, and a half of them were children. These adorable kids added unique and cheerful flavor on our event, with full of smile and laughter. . One school girl said to me, with excited voice, “Cosplay is really interesting in the way that we can turn ourselves to be our favorite animation character. I can be whoever, even be a princess, although my father is not a king!!”

You can guess what characters YuRi and Shiguma performed in the opening. Find your answer in the following series of photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




YuRi (in orange) as Naruto and Shiguma (in blue) as Sasuke (Naruto and Sasuke are characters from the manga NARUTO)



with fans ファンと。


and special fan 大ファンと。


Interviewed by many press reporters 取材陣に囲まれている様子。



Views from the exhibition hall  展示ホールから。


Suggested by Mr. Yoshioka (in black and in the middle), the staffs all wore Yukata.

吉岡さん(JF職員)の提案で、スタッフは浴衣着用。(←ニャーさんもいるのでしょうか^^?by にゃーは)

After the opening party, YuRi and Shigma, as well as JF staffs quickly moved to the venue of Acctive Expo 2010 to set up the JF booth and to rehearse cosplay performances. Acctive Expo is an annual event organized by Animation Comic Community ( It began in 2007 and this year’s event was the third time (there was no Acctive Expo in 2009). According to one of the organizing staffs, cosplay in Vietnam began in 2007, and this was the first time for them to welcome world-class cosplayers from Japan. The expo in Hanoi attracted more than ten thousands of teenagers and cosplayers in one day. Here are the event photos !




Please pay attention to the water on the ground! A heavy rain had just gone by. Our booth had been in flood from 11 AM to 2 PM. Unfortunately there are no photos of the exact time when our booth was in flood, because we were so busy to scoop water out of our booth. So use your imagination from this “after the heavy rain” photo. Thanks God that in the late afternoon the rain went out and the sun came back. Over 30 booths on Japanese dolls, toys, mangas, foods and drinks, regained their energies and the outside stage performances were also back to normal.



Our JF booth was the biggest one, providing such items as the therapeutic robot PARO, a mobile library for Japanese manga & magazines, toys display, J-POP video clips, , Japanese language quiz on the internet , name writings in Katakana and special session to take photographs with YuRi and Shiguma. Our booth was all the time packed with a great number of people. Let me share the atmosphere through photographs.



Japanese original manga & magazines, some visitors screamed when they found their favorite idols on the magazines



Japanese toys display 日本のおもちゃ。


Playing with PARO  パロです。


Writing name in Katakana for the visitors カタカナで名前を書いてみましょう。


Taking photographs with Shiguma and YuRi YuRiさん、しぐまさんと記念撮影。


The first ever cosplay collaborative performance beween Japanese and Vietnamese cosplayers. They danced with the music “Luka Luka Night Fever.” You can see how fantastic it was with thousand of audiences



YuRi and Shiguma on stage in Cos’ Night  YuRiさん、しぐまさんのステージ


YuRi and Shiguma were also ones of the juries for Vietnamese cosplay performance competition


While the first guests in September were YuRi and Shiguma, our second guest was Dr. Shibata who is the inventor of the therapeutic robot PARO and came for the lecture on PARO with demonstration. As some of you may know, the robot PARO is known worldwide as the most therapeutic robot holding the Guinness World Records. It has a calming effect on and elicit emotional responses in patients of hospitals and nursing homes, similar to Animal-Assisted Therapy.

さてさて、9月の最初のゲストはYuRiさんとシグマさんでしたが、二人目のゲストは癒しロボット、パロの開発者である柴田崇徳(しばた たかのり)博士です。


Dr. Shibata gave a lecture for more than 200 technology students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. He explained how PARO worked for therapy, especially for elderly people and people at medical facilities, with the demonstration of 2 units of PARO. During the Q&Asession, many hands were raised; however due to the time limitation, we had to limit up to 8 questions to give full answers from Dr. Shibata. The enthusiastic students were remaining in the conference room to touch PARO and ask more questions to Dr. Shibata until the very last minute to close the doors.




Audiences play with Paro パロとの触れ合い。


Dr.Shibata was giving the lecture 柴田博士です。


Dr. Shibata was surrounded by students’ questions. 質問を受けています。

It was nice for us to know that both of the above two events were broadcasted by NHK news in Japan.

Today is the end of September, I would like to be back with updating information on Japanese film festival, Furoshiki Design contest and Rakugo performance.



And I am very eager to see your next blog, Nunzia!

See you. Nha



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